Wholesale Agreements / Custom Growing / Large Projects

Custom growing agreements are a large part of our business.  If you or your organization are planning a conservation, restoration, food forest, agroforestry, or any other planting project, we would be thrilled to discuss the needs of the project and wholesale / volume discount rates with you.  We are happy to accommodate specific size and container requirements (if bare root is not preferred) for larger projects. 

Image: 2 year old bur oak seedlings in custom grow bags destined for a floodplain restoration project. Their first year is spent in air pruning beds and they are transplanted in the following spring.

Property Walkabouts, Site Assessments and Recommendations

We often get asked to do property walkabouts to point out species and sites of interest to help landowners get a better understanding of their land and give advice on what they could do to further their objectives for it, whether it be to get site appropriate species recommendations, maximize wildlife habitat, increase resilience to climate change, or just out of sheer curiosity of the incredible diversity that can be housed in seemingly small areas.   If this is of interest to you, we offer reasonable rates.